Free Business Helpline


Every business owner, small or large, has legal or accounting questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to contact an attorney or an accountant and get some free legal or accounting advice?

WBC is pleased to launch a complimentary service just to provide business owners with helpful information that they may use to support their business decisions.  This service does not replace an attorney or an accountant who may be uniquely familiar with your business and its needs, but it does provides you with some quick information to help you make better business decisions.

Instructions: Please the form below, including your question and your contact information. A participating legal or accounting professional will respond to set a telephone call to answer your question.



All questions submitted are accepted on a confidential basis.  However, the complimentary consultation should not be constructed as legal or accounting advice.  Please be advised that while consultations are confidential, an attorney-client relationship with Lloyd Patel LLP or a client-accountant -relationship with Grassi CPAs can only be created by a written retainer signed by the respective parties.  Any legal or accounting advice provided during the consultation is preliminary and your particular issue(s) may require further research or other legal or accounting work.