About Us

Women Builders Council (WBC)

Established in 2004, the Women Builders Council (WBC) is the leading association representing women in the building industry on several important fronts: legislative advocacy, new business and professional development with a special focus on leadership.

WBC Mission

WBC empowers women and promotes diversity and inclusion throughout the building industry.

Who We Are

Since its founding in 2004, WBC has grown to be one of the leading voices for women business owners and women professionals in the building industry representing them on severalimportant fronts: legislative advocacy, new business, and professional with a specialfocus on leadership.

From its original founding by several women owners who recognized the challenges of doing business in a traditionally male-dominated industry, WBC’s membership has grown in both reputation and numbers.

Today, WBC provides a dynamic forum that advances industry knowledge, addresses the barriers that prevent women from growing and facilitates solutions for policy makers and industry leaders.